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RGH2 – The Renegade Hook / Aimbot

Announcing RGH1.3 RGH2 - The Renegade Hook / Aimbot - finally, the official rgh1.3 announcement.

HacksRGH2 – The Renegade Hook / Aimbot

RGH2 – The Renegade Hook / Aimbot

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Announcing RGH1.3

RGH2 – The Renegade Hook / Aimbot – finally, the official rgh1.3 announcement. i think you just waited long enough now.
dont expect this to be perfect because i didnt tested it throughly and some stuff is not finished but ill just release this thing now and fix small stuff/add new features from time to time. (so yes, im abusing you as “beta” testers )


– customizable hotkeys
– ingame menu
– master hotkey to switch all rgh options off at once (for screenshots and so on)
– improved aimbot
– DATA and Objects injector (so you can use d4t4 folder with RGH again for double anti-renguard safety
– ESP and enhanced player info
– Wallhack & Chams (beta. not all models logged yet)
– Remove sniper scope HUD
– Bright hack (found it by accident. most world stuff gets rendered with a bright texture. so better contrast especially in dark levels/areas)

new down

And last but not least some kind of teleport / spectate function. you can target a player via the ESP and “attach” to him via pressing the hotkey. its some kind of spectate mode. you will follow the targeted player and so you can see what hes doing.
your real position wont change so nobody will notice you. the server sends your real position about once a second so the screen will flicker a bit but thats ok. even if youre not really there you are able to shoot around while spectating. so you can shoot enemies in their base while you are safe in yours

New Updated Links RGH2 – The Renegade Hook / Aimbot:


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